The joy of being beaten down…

I admit that I make mistakes. Not a lot, but from time to time I make errors. What the hell? I am overworked and consumed with my own music. Call me self-centered, or narcissistic if you choose grander language, but either way I work as hard as any small business owner. While working as hard as we do we are bound to screw up from time to time.

However, in doing what I do, I often open myself up to the criticism of others who believe their opinion to be something more than “an opinion.” Not only do I open myself up to these people, but I in fact seek these people out. I let them know I have a body of work on display for them to pick away at in hopes that they will then comment to their public listening audience. That being said, I hear a lot of both good and bad feedback. None of it should really come with any weight of impact on my well-being. Over the years I have learned to turn off emotions associated with press. But every now and then…something crawls through my armor and stings like a small bug, just enough to attract attention…

If the response from Rob Peoni had been between him and I it would have disappeared, but when I looked at his twitter feed and saw that he was indeed spreading his “big discovery” (my mistake) to an intern at Spin Magazine I could not help myself…

“@harmonicait Check out “The Other Side of Wrongy”, yes “Wrongy.” ”

Rob Peoni – Hoosier. Marketing Specialist. Music junkie. DIY Advocate. Naptown native. Blogger: Enthusiast.

e-mail received from Rob Peoni…

Okay, this is the second time you’ve sent me this press release. So I figured I’d respond this time. The title of your song “The Other Side of Wrong” is misspelled in the video. Check it out at the bottom of your video “The Other Side of Wrongy”. Not really our style. Best of luck.


e-mail sent back to Rob…


Thanks for getting back to me. It means a lot that your professional insight brought you to the conclusion that you should call me out on an error. I know being DIY and running my own business is a lazy occupation. Between writing songs, touring, booking, promoting, recording, producing, press and promotion, photo editing and web design, accounting, tour managing, guitar tech, shooting and editing the video – I should be more on top of things. Otherwise some music professional may just poke their head into my world and point out one of my errors. I’m not sure if the music or my mistake is “not your style,” but thanks for getting back to me.

Also, a special thanks for tweeting to another writer (happens to be an intern at Spin)…Caitlyn White did not re-tweet your comment, perhaps she more fully understands the weight of work that stands before the DIY band/musician.

I love to see people laughing at my expense with others. It gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside…like when I was in grade 7 and used to get picked on by older kids….yeah that was a fun time…

cheers and best of luck


ps – fun times eh?


3 Responses to “The joy of being beaten down…”

  1. I have since apologized to Ken personally via email. I will share that apology with your readers, since you did not feel it necessary to dos. Just as Ken can admit that he makes mistakes. So too, can I.


    You’re right. I apologize. I shouldn’t have tweeted the link to your video, or had any joke at your expense. Sometimes when you’re digging through email submission 75 for the day, you do something childish or stupid. No excuse on my part, and I try to be above knocking bands for any reason – which is why we don’t write negative reviews at Thought on Tracks. I have deleted the tweet. Fortunately for you, most days nobody listens to whatever the fuck I’m saying anyway. Best of luck with your music. We’re a small outfit, and just because we don’t post doesn’t mean it’s not worth sharing. We hardly get a chance to write about half of the new music that we love. Keep working hard and sharing, and you will find your audience.

    My apologies,


    The sad part is. Caitlin never retweeted, nor commented on the video. My blunder, and yours by association, would have likely gone unnoticed. Instead you’ve chosen to write this post and draw more attention to an issue that could have been avoided. I simply wish you had told the entirety of the story.

  2. BTW, I have received a heartfelt apology from Rob on this is topic.

  3. Kyla Pedersen Says:

    This comment is for Rob, actually. I believe Ken posted on this only to show two things…we all make mistakes, and people need to still mind their manners and remember that even a small off-the-cuff remark can be very hurtful. If people spent more time being thoughtful about what they say to others, things like this wouldn’t come up as often. And another thing – we are losing face-to-face communication, but that should make us even MORE careful about how we treat people, not less. I’ve personally learned just how impatient and rude people can be when I did tech support by phone for arrogant, irrate customers. Sometimes, saying less is a better way to go…in my humblest of opinions (though, I ALWAYS have one, right Ken…lol). 🙂

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