odds and ends…

Hey everybody

Things over here at camp KTBI have been very exciting lately. Here are a few odds and ends about the goings on in our world…


New CD “The Goodness Of Bad Intent” was released on June 12th. You can grab an autographed copy, mailed to your choice of destination through the following link (paypal orders).


For digital purchase please visit iTunes at:


The Website –

The website has had a reworking and now includes all the “KTBI TV” videos. People have been enjoying getting to know the guys in the band through these personal video snippits…



College Radio in Canada and the USA have been hugely supporting the new record…this is very exciting for us as we all love college….

CBC regional and national radio programs have been featuring KTBI and of course we love this…see KTBI TV for CBC comments…

There has been some great interest and support from comercial radio over the last few weeks…this is a nice thing as we never expected anything from mainstream commercial radio…thanks to the dj’s who stick out their necks to help indie artists…


KTBI are planning a Eastern three week tour in the fall followed by a fly-in weekend in St.John’s Newfoundland. Getting back to the East Coast is one of our top priorities…

There are some interesting ideas cooking for the winter as well…something warm, something exciting, someplace where we can sleep outside cause we are not making enough money for hotels, something not 40below…


We have been having a great time making our own videos… so far we have three from the new record here are the links…

The Other Side Of Wrong – http://youtu.be/2Lpc8SPhRDs

Time To Remember – http://youtu.be/l3xpgC52eIs

This Town Of Mine – http://youtu.be/B2oCqpUJk-A

That’s about all for now…please visit us online and have a great day…

Ken, Ken and Dave






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