What beautiful teeth you have…

Shout out to The Wolf 101.5 in Peterborough, Ontario. Long time listener, first time public ranting…

Kingston’s KRock is embracing one of your own. Ken Tizzard With Bad Intent will be featured on Sideshow’s “Indie Night In Canada” for the month of June. Every night at 8:00pm a song will be featured – how cool is that? They are supporting and spreading new local music…

Belleville’s 91x has been regularly playing Ken Tizzard With Bad Intent’s, “The Other Side Of Wrong.” Again helping local indie artists out – what a great idea.

When KTBI play in the Belleville area, Rock 107 always jump onboard for a quick chat, a tune and offer support in helping to spread the word.

We are not looking for official ‘adds’ but really appreciate it when local stations help out promoting our music and shows.

One would think the concept of being “the first” to expose people to new local music would be a cool thing for any radio station … However, here in our near-hometown of Peterborough, the reaction has been quiet.

From Vince Bierworth, who runs “5 Minutes Of New Rock” the Wolf’s indie spotlight, we received “Thanks for dropping things off. I haven’t yet had a chance to listen, but I will soon.” That was in early April and nothing since…we understand that everybody is busy though…

When I spoke with the Music Director at the Wolf she replied, “If it doesn’t fit with the Stones or Led Zeppelin we will not be playing it.” I told her, “I only sent the cd along to give you an idea what we are doing these days, we are playing in Peterborough this weekend with Adam Gontier and Before The Curtain and if you are going to talk about the show I thought you should at least know what we sound like.” She responded that in all honesty the cd probably would not get listened to and most definitely not played.

I’ve also had friends and fans tell me that that have called the Wolf 101.5 to requested KTBI during the nooner only to be told that the Wolf does not play that. Hmmm…

Oh well, the record comes out in a few weeks and stations in the area have already been giving us much appreciated support from an indie perspective. We will send along finished copies to the Wolf once again to see what happens. We do love the station and are in fact friends with some of the staff. We fully understand that you have limitations in your playlists, but at the same time….show some support for local music…



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